Upon arrival you fill a questionnaire on the needs of the dog and dog pet sitting contract. There are several questions in the questionnaire that describe some of your daily routine with a dog that you do so we could do too. The contract you fill contains basic information about you, us and the dog, and since this is the registered company this document has a legal value and is not a dead letter on paper.

We offer four variants of dog sitting:

AT YOUR PLACE - VISIT Animals are attached to their living space and have daily routines. This kind of preservation allows animals to remain in a familiar environment, in their territory, where their habits and routines will not be disturbed. This service includes visiting, playing with dog, feeding and, if necessary, walking.

AT YOUR PLACE -FULL TIME  in this kind of keeping, the petsiter moves to your apartment and, according to the completed questionnaire, performs a daily routine with a dog that you do. In addition to the questionnaire, a conservation contract is also filled.

IN OUR PLACE -pet sitting is in the apartment, without boxing or cages ... It is on two locations Zemun and Konjarnik (Zvedara)
- 24h surveillance
- Professional people
- Daily possibility of sending pictures or videos to owners

DAILY STAY - WITHOUT NIGHTS  : 19000,00 RSD 22 terms -1 term = 9 hours (deadline for spending the term is maximum 2 months from payment)

INDIVIDUAL DAILY STAY: 1000,00 RSD (9 hours)

INDIVIDUAL TERM: 200,00 RSD = 1 hour

Your obligation is to prepare dog for staying in a longer or daily before coming to MN , which means: to dehelmintize your pet immediately before arriving at pet sitting, to be clean. Your pet must have a certificate of immunization against rabies and immunization against infectious diseases (we can see this when you come in  dog passport )

Phone number for information , site reservations and any additional questions: 0640474739

To accept your dog for etsiting, it needs to be vaccinated and chipped. When you bring a dog, you fill out a form with the needs of your dog so that you can find out more details about him so that we can approach him accordingly.