Dog training is primarily an interaction between you and your four-legged friend. Dog training is a complex job that requires the work, dedication and patience of man. Some breeds of dogs learn faster, but you always need to keep in mind that there are differences in the race, accordingly each dog is an individual for itself. Basic training is that a dog performs a certain action on the assigned command and that this action will be repeated again. The longer the command repeats, the dog creates a habit and mechanically performs what is required of him.

The training we are propagating is training using the award method. Basic dog training involves their socialization, habituation to the owner, the place where they are staying, other people, dogs, objects and various sounds of the environment. The dog learns to be obedient and respond to the basic commands you issue. The basic commands that the dog has to master is the response to the name, call-by-call, drawing on a leash, foot-walking, standing in place, doing emergency at the place designated for it, getting used to his place in the home. The dog has to learn to pay attention to you, wherever you are, what you are saying to him, no matter how much other interesting things are distracting him.

When to begin training?

The training begins on the day the puppy enters your home. Starting from basic things like getting diaper habits, responding to a name, and with 6 months you can slowly start with more serious commands like the command to sit down. Each command you work with a dog starts at home, so that you are ready to listen to your dog on the street (noisy place), he must overcome all that first in the apartment (in his territory where you are his center of the world), not in place where everything is more interesting than you. The method we use is a method of reward, this type of training implies a reward for a well-executed command.

Where is the training going?

Training is in zour lace. We are above all here to show you how and what to do with a dog, and it's up to you to repeat it every day. We advocate that the dog be with you and that you work with him, first of all because the goal is to keep you and your dog progressing together. If you do not have time at least 3 times a day to take a dog and practice two to three times a day with it for twenty minutes then do not even take a dog. The dog is not a fashion detail, a toy, but a living creature that has its own needs. All the information and tips we give work with our dogs.