Ring training is a series of actions that the handler and dog have to show in the ring, that is, on the show they participate in.

Hendler is the person who shows the dog in the ring. It can be the owner or trainer with whom the dog has passed a particular training course for exhibitions.

It consists of the following:
- tooth look
- the dog should allow the judge to look at his teeth
-Running in the ring
- Handler and Dog performs running in the box, several rounds in the ring, together for several more participants

The training is based on the principle of classes for up to two hours. During this time, we give you all the details and show it in practice. You're left to practice afterwards. There is also an option for us to prepare your dog for the exhibition, but keep in mind that it takes about twenty days for such training.
In addition, if we prepare it, we must go on show with dog and charged additionally.