Walking is a cure for boredom, helps a dog socialize with other dogs, and gives you the opportunity to train your pet. The time that you spend with your dog outside is much more than the exercise itself, both for him and for you.

Dogs need at least an hour of exercise per day, while those active dogs require even more. A tired dog will behave better than a dog with a lot of energy that does not manage to get rid of. Like us, they have to have their own "exhaust valves", which is for them a walk.

Walking is not the only form of exercise, nor will a dog waste energy if you just let it walk around the yard. It is necessary that you participate in it. Dogs that move less quickly will soon become obesity, and this illness involves several other health problems, such as the tendency toward a heart attack. It is important to remember that you can not watch your dog for morning and evening walks you like a routine performance in order to make the dog work. Make sure you have fun with a new game every time and make your stay away from home a different and special one.

For dogs who are in the apartman all day, it is important for them to walk regularly so that they can fulfill their physiological needs. We all know about that feeling when we need to go to the toilet, and we can't finde it and we suffer, so our pets feel the same.

Three walks are considered optimal for dogs living only in the apartment every day. If you are not able to perform a dog, we are here to help you.

The length of the walk is between 45min and an hour. In addition to the length of the walk, the price varies from your dog's discipline during a walk (if your dog is pulling, chasing and it's very difficult to walk normal during the walks, the price is higher, the price of the walk is related only for walking if you want and the training is charged additionally.

The price of the walk varies from 300 to 500 dinars.

We walk all dogs, size is not important.