Our team is madef two students of veterinary medicine Marija and Nikola. Ever since we know about ourselves, we are surrounded by animals. Marija gave her first dog witch is mix breed named Maza when she was only five years old, while Nikola made his first steps with the help of the poodle Penny. Since then, dogs have entered our lives and become part of our everyday lives. We grew up with them and we always work with dogs attracted us.

As we grew up in quite different parts of Serbia, after the Maze, Mary had also German shepard, mix breed  and the Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog Rex with whom she entered the world of training. She first tried with professional trainers, but she did not like their rough way of working and handling dogs. She decided to try herself. With plenty of effort, the Rex knew basic commands, but also some commands that were not particularly characteristic of  that breed, such as  jumping through a hoop, frisbee.

The claim that such dogs can not "train" and learn anything is totally wrong. And if at that time her knowledge was not great about the principles of learning with the modern methods of training that are being used more and more today.

It has always been inconceivable for me to call dogs my best friends, and to use such raw methods of training.

 And beside Brika today, there is Sljokica, king carls cavalier, whom Marija has adopt, and she is treined with our mutual efforts and work. It is an example that adult dog can be trained, the dog can learn everything, it's just a matter of time, effort, and patience.

It also helps us now when other dogs are not used to separating from of their owners. 

We have decided to share the knowledge that we have acquired and applied to our dogs in training. 

We founded MN 2015 and started working with other dogs and their owners. In addition to dogs training to help people who travel, we have provided dog guard services.

All our training methods are based on positive motivation without any use of force.

More about training HERE.

This is not just about love for your four-legged friend, but also about responsible behavior with him. It is not enough to just be an animal lover you need to understand  them. 

See you ! Bark Bark